Rapid Response Drone Data

A masterclass for capturing drone data in emergencies and disasters

The Masterclass Curriculum

Rapid Response Drone Data is a course emerging from real-world experience mapping with public safety teams in the aftermath of disasters. The goal of the course is to scale drone education for people needing to rapidly collect and visualize drone data for emergency response, including many tips and tricks from devastating wildfires in California. This course walks students step-by-step through everything you'd need to know to become a digital first responder using off-the-shelf drones.

  • The theory behind drone mapping
  • Best-practices for image capture
  • Drone and camera hardware
  • Mission planning software
  • Image processing and data outputs
  • Cloud tools
  • Lessons learned the hard way so you don't have to

The Instructor

Dr. Greg Crutsinger is the founder of Scholar Farms, which specializes in using drone training for aerial mapping. He has acted as the emergency drone data lead for three major wildfires in California, including the Tubbs, Carr, and Camp Fires.

His company was founded from extensive experience in academic research and teaching, as well as the commercial drone industry. Prior to Scholar Farms, Greg was the Sales Director for the scientific and academic verticals at Pix4D and Parrot, and the Academic Programs Director at 3D Robotics. While serving academia, Greg was an Assistant Professor of Ecology at the University of British Columbia.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this masterclass for?
Built for a broad audience at all skills levels
Agencies and Departments
If you are member of a public safety team interested in or currently building your drone program, then this course was built for you. It will walk you through the transition from simply flying a drone for an active scenario to collecting valuable point surveys and map layers. This class is not just theory, it was built from real-world experience providing situational awareness during disasters.
First Responders
Are you a citizen looking help out your local community when it really counts? This course will teach you how to prepare, what to expect, and how to best capture drone information. It will deliver different hardware and software options, tips and tricks, and the outputs your local agencies can use during an emergency.
Drone Service Providers
Know what clients expect during an emergency, how to best capture that data for them, and how to present completed mapping data. With this class, you can go from flying basic missions through delivering perfect results for public safety teams and coordinating agencies.

More questions? Contact [email protected] or visit Scholar Farms


“You can't build a public safety UAV team without thinking about the data side of the equation. Its not enough to be a great pilot. The maps and imagery also have to get to the right place. Watching Greg work both on scene during these wildfires and his followup afterward has been a big boost to our UAV program."

- Deputy Sheriff Casey Tholborn, Contra Contra County Sheriff's Office

"Greg has worked right alongside our team during these devastating wildfires, keeping a level head and applying his valuable skillset from industry and academia to assist the communities in California. He is one of the best out there to train on the UAV data side."

- Deputy Sheriff Rick Hassna, Chief UAS Pilot, Alameda County Sheriff's Office

"As a volunteer drone pilot during the mapping of the Camp Fire, I watched first hand as Greg coordinated an incredible amount of data and helped condense it down for the teams and the public. More agencies need the kind of data skills that this Rapid Response class provides."

- Andrew Maximow, Chief Drone Officer, Firmatek

“I've been following Greg's excellent work for some years now. His direct, hands-on field experience coupled with his technical expertise, data-savviness and strong academic credentials makes him a go-to expert for many of us in the humanitarian drone space. What's more, Greg is refreshingly humble and wonderfully creative as demonstrated by his practical, hands-on problem solving attitude. I've learned heaps from him and continue to do so. Be sure to check out his new course!"

- Dr. Patrick Meier, Executive Director, WeRobotics

"Public safety has embraced the benefits that emerging technology like UAS can provide during disaster response and the recovery phase. Scholar Farms has built an outstanding operational template to best optimize the large amounts of data that public safety teams collect with UAS in the field. During recent wildfires here in California, I got to see how Greg organized and delivered a comprehensive package of usable information to emergency managers and the public. More teams need this skillset.

After taking Rapid Response Drone Data, I feel abundantly more prepared to respond to a disaster. This is particular relevant for us here in earthquake-prone San Francisco, where it will be crucial to know how to best collect, process, and deliver data to achieve our collective mission of effective emergency response"

- Katharine Cook, San Francisco Police Department

"Dr. Greg Crutsinger is a former colleague of mine at 3DR and someone I have a ton of respect for. He has been figuring out ways to use a combination of drone software platforms to provide a truly valuable solution for first responders and residents of the tragic fires hammering California."

- Colin Guinn, Founder, Guinn Partners

Inspiration For the Course

A Overview of the Coordinated Team Effort it Takes to Get the Job Done


Course Curriculum

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To reach out directly contact [email protected] or visit Scholar Farms