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The Complete Plant Mapping with Drones Masterclass Has Arrived

Phytomappers Pro is a masterclass for vegetation mapping using drones. The course was built by professionals for professionals, including drone service providers, agronomists, foresters, scientists, land managers, and environmental consultants. Phytomappers Pro provides a foundation in the theory behind vegetation indices, such as NDVI, and keep you on the cutting edge of rapidly-changing drone hardware and software.

  • Over 100 Video Lessons
  • Self-pace learning
  • 10+ Case Studies
  • Hands-on Labs With Example Datasets
  • Hardware and Software Cheatsheets

    About Scholar Farms

    Scholar Farms seeks to provide best-in-class training experiences for industry, government, and academic partners. The company was founded from extensive experience in academic research and teaching, as well as the commercial drone industry. Our speciality is in trainings for vegetation mapping using multispectral cameras and drones.

    Your Instructor

    While conducting research in the field as a PhD in Ecology and evolutionary biology, Dr. Gregory Crutsinger caught the drone bug, and began testing the use of UAVs in the field on projects. He became especially interested in how autonomous drone technology could enable collecting data that could impact agriculture, and how drones would allow sensors to be deployed in new and exciting ways to impact research and assessment in the field. He has worked for leading companies in the drone industry and is the founder of Scholar Farms.

    "I've known and worked alongside Greg over the past few years in the drone industry. He has extensive knowledge of the commercial market and a passion for data analytics and plants. I'm really excited about the results of his efforts to build this masterclass. It's a great resource!" Paul Spaur, Intel, Drone Technical Manager

    “This course provided San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee with the thread we needed to stitch our precision agriculture solution together. Using the masterclass by Scholar Farms, we had the necessary tools to procure equipment, fly missions, take photos, process data and finally analyze actionable results for our farmers. Armed with information gained from this course and thanks to the knowledge and expertise thoughtfully presented by Gregory Crutsinger, we can keep up to speed with the organic changes of our coffee farms as well as the exponential innovation of the drone industry.”

    Toby Hackford, Precision Agriculture Drone Project Manager, San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee

    "Greg has an extremely deep understanding of not just the technology that enables aerial data, but the practical workflows you need to get real world applicable results. He's a true master of drone mapping."

    Colin Guinn, Founder and CEO of Guinn Partners

    Masterclasses for drones

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